I am a person in love with music who, since childhood, liked to combine different sounds with special origins. At an early age I discovered the piano - a complex instrument, a real orchestra, which could materialize my dreams.

Then I liked to improvise on this piano-orchestra a multitude of melodies and strange harmonies. These improvisations had to be organized and so I had the joy to meet with the Great Masters of Romanian music of the 20th century with whom I became a friend and dialogue partner and whom I thank.

They helped me to take flight and define myself in the contemporary musical landscape, remaining faithful to melody and expressive balance.

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Professional training

Bachelor's degree in composition 1977 - University of Music in Bucharest, class professor Aurel Stroe with the ballet piece "Methamorphose".

Master in composition 1978 - University of Music in Bucharest with the work
"Concert for orchestra".

1981 - Didactic Degree - Definitive - pedagogy

1986 - Grade II - piano speciality

2000 - Doctorate in Musicology - Academy of Music in Cluj - "Options in the creation of composers Theodor Grigoriu and Pascal Bentoiu. Six decades of achievements of Romanian musical thought (1940-2000)".


1978 - 1979 - Professor of music history and piano at the "George Enescu" High School of Music

1979 - 1987 - Piano teacher at the Palace of Pioneers in Bucharest

1987 - 2014 May - Director of the Music Department of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting

1987 - 1992 - Editor at the creative section of the music editorial office

1992 - 1999 - Editor of the Music News section

1999 - 2005 - Editor in charge of the Musical Exchanges section

2005 - 2014 - Responsible editor at the Opera - Operetta section

2015 - present - Radio Clasic

Among the successful activities I have carried out

- multiple recordings of contemporary Romanian and universal creations with
all the philharmonics in the country and with young and prestigious Romanian performers reflected in broadcasts ”Vitrina Muzicală Radio”

- broadcasts in which the contemporary artistic phenomenon was explained in dialogue with great personalities - creators and performers

- direct broadcasts of concerts from Bucharest and from all  country - one made in  duplex - Bucharest and other cultural centers in the country

- direct national and international broadcasts, the latter being made by satellite since February 1999 -concerts included in the seasons of major Opera Theaters ,Philharmonic  Ensembles and International Festivals such as  the RICHARD WAGNER Festival in Bayreuth (ten concerts in the International Summer Festivals in Salzburg, London and Lucerne, etc.
For the breaks of the concerts that we broadcast we recorded interviews with the creators, performers and managers involved.This was my initiative which was well received the appreciation of the public but also of the performers.

I initiated several editorial projects

- Vocea umana - a weekly stream broadcast on Radio Romania Cultural and dedicated to opera (history and current affairs)

- Ambient - a weekly stream, broadcast on Radio Romania Cultural between 23.00 and 23.00.
23.50, which includes a variety of musical genres, each edition of the week being. This project is ongoing with an exceptional team of producers

- Babel Tower - weekly show (Sunday,between 4.30-5.30 p.m.),done LIVE on Radio Romania Cultural, a magazine show including all genres from classical to contemporary, from cross-over to jazz. In different sections  I realized  exclusive interviews with directors of some of the most important Opera Theatres in Europe and the United States (Paris, London, Frankfurt, Berlin, Barcelona, Graz, Munich, Leipzig, Dresden, Boston, Los Angeles, etc.) with managers of the world's leading art agencies, with prestigious performers (Elina Garanca, Joyce Di Donato, Marius Brenciu, Leontina Văduva, Ruxandra Donose, Theodora Gheorghiu, George Petean, Alexandu Agache, Dan Ettinger, Ion Marin Andrew Manze, etc.) and with producers, colleagues from other broadcasters in the world (Radio France, Radio Berlin-RBB, etc)

- Music on meridians - a weekly show, broadcast on Radio Romania Actualități, every Sunday between 24.00 - 3.00, a magazine type show that entertainment music from around the world, genre concerts, profiles music and 15-20 minute shows offered by our colleagues from from broadcasters in Europe, monthly we have WORLD MUSIC CHARTS presented live (commentary by Johannes Theurer -RBB and Gerhard Muller - Multikult FM-Berlin - the producers of Top Charts World Music ) of the deciding panel through Dr.Irina Hasnas

Cultural projects

- 2001 - I organized in Bucharest, at Radio, the final of the TIJI competition  under the auspices of the European Union of Radio and Television. Radio and Television ( EBU ).

- during the mandate as Responsible Producer of the Music Exchanges Section I initiated several projects: Bucharest - city of music (2007) and started the transmissions of satellite  from Bucharest to the European Broadcasting Union (February 2000), TIJI project (International Tribune of Young Performers), the meeting in Bucharest of Music Group and the WORLD MUSIC Group of the European Radio Union in Bucharest Radio, consistent participation in the projects on the international agenda of European Radio Union - Christmas, Easter, broadcasting orchestras, etc., projects which are still on the agenda of The Romanian National Radio.

- 2007 - we initiated the ARTE NOVI project, promoting the artistic-creative phenomenon through a dialogue with the public, with young music lovers, carried out by the Musical Channel  in collaboration with the Union of Composers and Musicologists of Romania, National University of Music in Bucharest and Radio Romania Cultural team include the producers Dr. Ruxandra Arzoiu and Dr.Irina Hasnas, the head of production -Ioan Toader and secretary - Monica Dobrin.The project will run for one season including 8 or 9 events.The finished products of the concerts were broadcast on Radio Romania Cultural and sent as offers to the European Radio Union.

- 2008 - we initiated the GENERATION XXI project to promote young talents, students and master students of the singing classes of the Universities and Music Academies. In the framework of the project organized by the Music Editorial Office in collaboration with the higher education institutions, young people who today are guests or employees of prestigious opera houses in the world (Vienna or London; soprano Valentina Nafornită made her debut in this project).

- 2007 - Sibiu - European Capital of Culture - we realized two projects under the auspices of the SERBAN LUPU Cultural Foundation, both of them aimed at multiculturalism - one was dedicated to the cross-over genre with guest members of the Klazz Brothers and Cuba Percussion from Germany together with the Sibiu Philharmonic and the second one had as subject the cultural archetypal AXA North-South and East-West - guests were three musicians from Tanzania, Norway and Romania.Both projects were very successful and were considered among the top ten projects in the Sibiu - European Cultural Capital agenda .The project included a series of levels for the realization - from the conception to the broadcasting on Public Radio and European stations establishing the content of the events and including them in the agenda of the Capital events,the negotiation of contracts with foreign and Romanian performers, finding the resources for the (sponsors), finding national partnerships (German Cultural Centre in Sibiu, the State Philharmonic ), making individual publicity for each event  and national level and the editorial conception.I mention that in 2007, from an editorial point of view, we have realized the following direct transmissions of from Sibiu:

- 1 January 2007 - Concert of the Orchestra of Nations, conductor Justus Frantz, concert .The presentation of the concert was made live from the stage in the concert hall. Romanian, German and English - which required simultaneous translation by moderator (Irina Hasnas).

- February 2007 - Concert of the Scaligero Ensemble from Italy.

- May 2007 - Concert by Klazz Brothers and Cuba Percussion in the company of The presentation of the concert was made live from the stage of the State Philharmonic of Sibiu by one of the performers in English, and the moderator translated simultaneously (Irina Hasnas)

- August 2007 - concerts (5) included in the mini-festival proposed by the Orchestra de Berlin Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra - conductor Ion Marin

- October 2007 - Vienna State Opera performance

- December 2007 - Concert of the German Symphony Orchestra. Guest at the microphone Mrs. S.Kastner, member of the Parliament of the EU.

- 2007 and present - Associate Professor at Spiru Haret University - Program of Music Program of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences

- 2015 and present - producer of Radio Clasic broadcasts

- 2019 - and currently ISCM ExCom Member

- 2019 and currently Member of ECCO working Group 


- 1976 - "Richard Wagner" Festival Bayreuth - Germany 

- 1985 - Warsaw Music Autumn Festival - Poland

- 1990 - Darmstadt New Music Festival - Germany

- 1994 - Accademia di Romania Rome - Italy

- Visiting Professor at the Department of Music of the University "St.Lawrence" Canton, New-York, USA

- 1997 - Romanian Cultural Center of New-York

- Visiting Professor at the Music Department of the University of New-York 

- UNESCO Congress - coordinator of the Music Section (lecturer and composer) - Thessaloniki, Greece

- 1998 - Romanian Cultural Centre - Vienna, Austria

- 2000 - London and Copenhagen - Conferences on Dinu Lipatti and Clara Haskil and presentation of the film TRIPTIC, director Ana Simon, soundtrack Irina Hasnas

- 2002 - University of Albuquerque USA - Contemporary Romanian Creation

- 2005 - University of Milwaukee USA - Contemporary Romanian Creation

- 2000 - 2014 member of the WORLD MUSIC GROUP of the European Union. In 2009 I was elected to the Coordination Bureau of this group.

- 2016 - Vienna and Graz - Romanian Cultural Institute - Anniversary ULPIU VLAD 

- 2017 - University of British Columbia in Vancouver - Canada

- 2018 -Central Music Conservatory of Beijing - China

- 2018 - House of Arts DINU LIPATTI in Bucharest - Dinu Lipatti and his contemporaries 

- 2018 - House of Arts DINU LIPATTI in Bucharest - W.A.Mozart our contemporary 

- 2019 -  House of Arts DINU LIPATTI in Bucharest – New music in Romania

- 2020 - House of Arts DINU LIPATTI in Bucharest - Zoe Dumitrescu Busulenga - a great personality of our times


 Chamber works

- "Melisme" for piano (published by Ed.Muzicală) (1978 ) 

- "Vocile Mioriței" (1978) and "Voci interiores" (1995) - quintets for wind players,

- The ballet piece "Methamorphoses" (1978) - chamber and vocal ensemble 

- "Polychromie", (1976 ) - instrumental ensemble and band

- ”The Rooster” - 2005 instrumental trio

- The lied cycles "Pământul" lines by  Ion Barbu ( 1980 ) for mezzo soprano and ensemble , "Timpul" (1982 ) and "Methamorphose" (1985 ) - lyrics by Nichita Stănescu for soprano and instrumental ensemble

- Monodie for bassoon solo (1989)

- Instrumental cycle - EVOLUTIO ,EVOLUTIO I for quintet (1982 ),EVOLUTIO II for trio (1984 ) and EVOLUTIO III for string quartet (1988 )

- "Jocuri" for solo cello (1996 )

- "The Endless Column" for flute and ensemble ( 1997 )

- "A possible waltz" and "A possible tango." - for bassoon solo (2009 and 2010 )

- ELEGII - three hai-kai for mezzo soprano  and piano 2017

- COSMOGONIE - for mezzo-soprano and electronic sound

Symphonic works

- Concerto for orchestra, (1981)

- Symphonic poem "Evocation" (1977)

- Symphony I (1990)

- Vocal Poem” ROMANIA” for MADRIGAL choir (1980)

Film music

- Triptic - Clara Haskil, Dinu Lipatti, Constantin Brăiloiu - Regia ANA SIMON - I did the soundtrack (2007)

- Benjamin Fondane - Un destin întrerupt (A broken destiny) -Regia ANA SIMON I realized soundtrack (2009)

- CEDRII - Regia ANA SIMON I made the soundtrack (2015)

Own creations presented in concerts

-1977 - Bucharest - Sala Mică a Palatului - Melisme for piano

- 1978 - Bucharest - Small Hall of the Palace - Methamorphose and Concerto for orchestra

-1983 - Cluj - Academy of Music - "Pământul" Lieder Cycle

-1984 - Bucharest - Romanian Athenaeum - Concert for orchestra

-1985 - Bucharest - Radio Hall - Evocare Poem

-1990 - Darmstadt - Evolutio III - quartet

-1991- Bucharest - Romanian Athenaeum - Evolutio III

-1992 - Cluj -Toamna Muzicală Clujeană - Evolutio I

- 1992 - Torino - Antidogma Festival - Evolutio III

- 1994 - Paris - UNESCO - Melisme

- 1995 - Dijon - "Inner Voices" quintet

- 1996 - Thessaloniki - Evening dedicated to Irina Hasnaș's creation

- 1997 - New York - several chamber works

- 1998 - Vienna - Evolutio III

- 1998 - Dublin - Evolutio II

- 2001, 2006, 2007, 2009 - SIMN Bucharest

- 2002 - Illinois - Champagn 

- 2007- New-York - Romanian Cultural Center - Evolutio II

- 2009 and 2010 - George Enescu Museum - Bucharest

- 2014 - MERIDIAN Festival - METAMORFOZELE Lieder Song, verses Nichita Stanescu, Duo Bianca and Remus Manoleanu 

- 2015 - GEORGE ENESCU INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL - MELISME for piano - Remus Manoleanu 

- 2017 - Vancouver - World Music Days - Melisme for piano

- 2019 - Bucharest - Enescu International Festival - Cosmogonie 

The recordings of my works are in the Radio Broadcasting Sound Archives

Works recorded on disc

- 1989 - CD - Bucharest - Melisme and Evolutio III

- 1992 - CD - Torino - Evolutio III

- 2007 - CD - AARFA - Inner Voices

Published articles

- 1973 - 1978 - musical analysis articles in specialized magazines


- 2007 - Book "Magic Encounters" vol.I, Irina Hasnaș and Corina Rădoi - Cultural Institute Romanian Institute


- 1979, 1981, 1983 - awards for published works

- 1994 - included in WHO'S WHO 

- 2008 - Order of Knight of Arts conferred by the Romanian Presidency

Member professional organisations

- since 1979 - Romanian Composers Union

- since 1994 - member of SACEM (French Composers' Union)


- Cornel Țăranu - Composer, Romania

- Peter Burwik - Conductor, Austria

- Paul Patterson - composer,England

- Stanley Romanstein - President of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra USA

- Yehuda Yannay - Composer, USA

- Jane O'Leary - composer, Ireland

- Coordinator of the Pierre Yves Tribolet Music Group-European Radio Union

- Coordinator of the WORLD Group Laurent Marceau - European  Broadcasting Union-

- Johannes Theurer - journalist RBB - Germany

- Sigjborn Nedland - Journalist - Radio Public Norway

- Killian Foster - musician, Dresden, Germany




My works are performed in Romania - Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timisoara, Brasov and Ploiesti.

Also in Europe – France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Irlande, Great Britain, Italy and in the U.S.A.

I was included in the most important Festivals in Romania and Europe.